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Okay ladies, I may feel like crap from time to time, but I am always on the hunt for amazing beauty products.  There is extreme satisfaction to see someone after a tough time and for them to say you look great!  Look good, feel good.  That is one of my mottos.  I don’t think anyone wants to look a mess; sometimes it takes more effort than other times, but learn some tricks, find good products and it becomes a lot quicker and easier.   I am about to share some wisdom with you, so get ready to check out some fun products.

Lavish Lash

L’Oréal Pure-Clay Cleanser

Olay Total Effects Whip Face Moisturizer with SPF 25

Aveda Thickening Tonic

1- Lavish Lash

You can find this item on Amazon, and the cost ranges from $25- $34.  We just got it for $25 during Amazon Prime Day.  It is basically like Rodan + Fields Lash Boost, but a fraction of the cost.  The tube lasted me 3 months.  The first month I put it on only once a day but wasn’t seeing results, so I started applying it twice a day.  When I applied it twice a day I started to see results, and now I’m very pleased with my eyelashes.  I’ve never had impressive eyelashes, and I feel lately I’ve gotten more and more compliments on my eyes.  Even my dad complimented me on how my eye/eyelashes looked!  It’s easy to apply- you just use the brush applicator and draw a line across the base of your lashes.  Simple.  Totally worth the money- hop on Amazon today!

2- L’Oréal Pure-Clay Cleanser

This is a face wash product that looks like you’re going to cover your face in a clay, mud-like substance.  What I like about this product is you only need a small amount (less than the size of a nickel), and the silky formula makes your face feel clean and smooth. It rinses off easily, and you can get it at Target for $5.89 (if you have a Target RedCard then it’s only $5.60). I love a good product, but this stay-at-home-mom is on a budget.  Just because I’m on a budget doesn’t mean I’m going to throw in the towel and look a hot mess.  Uh-uh. Not okay.  Plus, if I save money here then I can spend a little bit more on another product or two. (Women’s logic.)

3- Olay Total Effects Whip Face Moisturizer with SPF 25

This is a great moisturizer that is light (hence the “whip”) and leaves your skin soft. It also absorbs quickly, so you can immediately start putting on your makeup or whatever you need to do next.  Olay has 3 different stages of this product: pre-aging, early signs of aging (the one I use), and age prevention.  Lately, I have been considering getting a second product in the Olay family that doesn’t have SPF for night time use, but I haven’t pulled the trigger.  I figure I don’t need SPF at night, but this product is a bit pricier than other moisturizers that I’ve used, which is why I’m just using one for now.  You can get this at Target for $28.99, but look for the deals where if you buy $20 of beauty products you get a $5 gift card…that will make it a better deal! Their new Whip formula is really silky though and doesn’t have a strong fragrance.  I feel like my skin has looked pretty good lately (even through all the medical nonsense), so I’m giving the credit to my cleanser and moisturizer…and longer lashes!

4- Aveda Thickening Tonic

Not everyone will need this product, because if you have thick hair I can’t imagine you want it even thicker.  I, on the other hand, do not have thick hair, so this product helps me tremendously. You just shake it, then spray it on your wet hair and go about your business.  This product is $9 for the sample and $29 for the full bottle.  The $9 is definitely worth a try to see if you like it first.  The full bottle is not huge, but it is lasting me a long time (probably because I don’t wash my hair that often…oops).


Okay- those are my suggestions for now, but I’m always on the hunt for something new, fun and beneficial. I am constantly keeping my eyes open at Target to see if there is something new I need to try.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the Target Beauty Boxes are a GREAT way to try new products.  I hate when I purchase a full product of something, get it home, try it, and hate it.  BUT some stores will take them back if you have your receipt, so keep that in mind. Don’t necessarily hold onto a product that you aren’t ever going to use- you’ll just turn into a weird hoarder. Which no one says, “Hey- I love that girl; she hoards everything and lives in filth and chaos!”  Okay, happy shopping!

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