Don’t even know where to start…

I need some balance up in here.

I’ve been trying to find a moment to post an update this March, and I just haven’t found the time.  It’s been a lot.  I went back to work, I got recognized as Georgia’s Cheerleading Coach of the Year, I got back into the swing of teaching, I started a round of chemo (round 13), I had surgery to remove/shrink the lump on my face, and I got back to work (again) today.  It’s a lot.  I feel like I can’t get on my feet.  Last week was hard being back at work, getting the kids to school and teaching while on chemo.  I was feeling pretty rotten by the end of the week and used the weekend to recover…only to go in for surgery on early Monday morning (Mike’s birthday…nothing like waking up early to be at Emory with your wife on your birthday).  The procedure went well.  The word “surgery” sounds a bit dramatic for what it was.  It was sclerotherapy which I had to be put under general anesthesia because it was located on my face…they kinda didn’t want me to wake up in the middle of it or twitch and they hit my facial nerve and paralyze the left side of my face…minor detail, right?  I was a little nervous to have the procedure because there were some extra hoops to jump through since it was my first time going under with my new, fashionable ICD.  All things said, it all went great…other than the part where I couldn’t stomach the anesthesia and kept getting sick in recovery…and post-op.  They were a little hesitant to give me Zophran (nausea medicine) because a side effect is a prolonged QT which was the cause of my cardiac arrest.  Finally, they felt it was a necessary evil to give me Zophran instead of watching me yack for any longer.  It helped though.  Thank goodness!  I decided to take Tuesday off of work per doctor’s recommendations and I’m glad I did.  I needed that day to get back on my feet and start to feel normal, except they prescribed me a Steroid pack which is making me not sleep and feel irritable.  Ugh.  I am just ready to feel fine.  Look, I want to be Polly Positive, but the truth is that at work today I was a Pouty Princess.  I am cranky!  This is a short week at school since Spring Break starts on Friday, so I know I can make it, but I need a minute to regroup.  Cheerleading tryouts have been going on and they have been a happy distraction (especially all of the talent that showed up on our gym floor…can’t be cranky about that).  It’s just been a lot.  Why is getting out of the door so hard in the mornings?

In other news, I pulled the trigger on taking a leave of absence from work next year.  I’m going to be a stay at home mom…and coach.  I’m really excited that I can take some time and focus on my family…and maybe try and heal my own body in the process.  It’s a little weird to imagine not teaching at Mill Creek next year because I really wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else- it’s an amazing place to work!  It’s just a temporary pause from the world of teaching, but I can’t go back to my kids being little.  I can go back to teaching.  Mike and I know this is the best decision for me and our family, so I’m excited to see what next year will be like.  I need a change up.  Also, all friends that I’ve shared this news with have been so supportive and loving!  They have encouraged me and reminded me that God has great plans for me and He is guiding me to be at home with my munchkins.

So, I had an entirely different post ready…3 different times…and kept making changes and updates, but life has made some twists and turns this month.  Posting here tonight is the best I could do.  I’ve missed finding time to blog.  I’ve got a lot of comments in my head ready to share, but I just need to find the time!  I know you’re waiting on the edge of your seat now to hear my next blog on…wait for it…Oven Sauces.  Haha!  Okay, perhaps not the juicy gossip you were hoping for, but seriously I’ve found some good recipes that I’m ready to share!  I also want to give you more insider scoop on Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders…tryouts are this coming Sunday, so it’s the perfect time to share!  So many thoughts running through this brain…just gotta find the time and find some balance in this thing called life.

2 thoughts on “Don’t even know where to start…”

  1. You are truly amazing!! You are such a Blessing to so many. It shows even in this post. GOD Bless you and may he hold you tight through these challenges❤

  2. Sending you best wishes. Awesome you’ll get to spend time with the kids next year while coaching as well! Keeping you, Mike and the kids in our thoughts.

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