Fried onion baked chicken

I found this fancy pants recipe from Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian…it’s his finest dish that he creates. Please insert the laughing, squinty-eyed emoji here because this is so far from the truth.  Where’s a buzzer sound when you need one?! Some of you may be saying, “who the heck is Geoff Zakarian?” Or “what is an Iron Chef?!” Well the reason I can reference GZ is because I love to watch cooking shows! Why?! No clue because I don’t think I’m going to bake one of their dishes…ever. It takes them 5 minutes to cook something that takes me an hour. They trick you when they already have the spices sorted and measured in cute little bowls or they already have the veggies chopped…that kinda stuff takes me an embarrassingly long amount of time. I do love watching cooking shows though because I feel like they are educating me on this world I know nothing about! It’s like watching a show about prison- I love it! I find it so interesting because I don’t plan on ever knowing anything about that world. It’s like you get to be a fly on the wall and learn about some other bizarre way of life. It’s probably slightly ridiculous that I just compared cooking shows to prison shows, but hopefully you see my parallel. Just the other day I was watching “The Kitchen” and learned that the dish Shrimp Scampi really means Shrimp Shrimp because scampi in Italian means shrimp! Didn’t know that, but because I watched a cooking show now I do!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I like recipes that are easy, not a lot of ingredients, few to zero crazy ingredients, and I need it to taste amazing. I am not interested in cooking for hours, creating something that my kids don’t eat, it only tasting okay and then have a huge kitchen mess to clean up.  Oh my gosh, ladies, how about those nights when you leave the kitchen a mess and take the kids upstairs to get ready for bed, and when you finally get them down for bed you come downstairs to find your husband has cleaned the kitchen for you?!  Holy cow- it’s the best!  Men, are you listening?!  It.  Is.  The.  Best.  So thoughtful and helpful!  Yes, my sweet husband is known to do this, and I hope he knows how helpful and kind I find it!  BUT if you need an easy recipe with minimal mess (and are not confident your hubby will pick up the kitchen for you after dinner), then do not worry young grasshopper; I have found a delicious way to bake chicken that I have yet to mess up! Praise Jesus!

Here’s what ya need…

Chicken breasts or filets

Fried onions (crushed)

A favorite seasoning (I like Weber’s Chicago Steak Seasoning)


I didn’t put how much you need of what because I don’t really know…depends how many people you’re cooking for. If you need more chicken then you need more if everything else too. How’s that for exact?! Ok. Ready? Holy cow it’s so easy…you’re going to love it…can’t wait!

Preheat the over to 400 degrees.  Dredge the chicken in egg, then dredge it in the crushed fried onions with the seasoning mixed in.  Put it in a casserole dish and bake for 20 minutes.

Boom-shack-a-lacka! Now, for sides you’re on your own! I’d tell you to bust out some Betty Crocker boxed potatoes, but my healthy brother might read this and positively encourage me to “eat real food” and whatever it is throw in some coconut oil. (Love you, brother!) Maybe heat up some green beans (with butter and bacon, duh!), cut up some REAL potatoes and toss them in some olive oil and seasoning and bake those at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. Heyyy, looky there- I gave you a whole meal that’s pretty easy. Maybe I am the next Iron Chef! Watch our Bobby Flay! I’ll learn how to make Shrimp Shrimp and challenge you!

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