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Eek!  You need a small gift for someone, and you don’t know what to give!  I’m here to the rescue- get her an Elf Lip Tint in Perfect Pink from Target.  It’s $6, but if you use your Target Red Card, then it’s only $5.82.  If you have a $5 gift limit then give an Elf lipstick for $3, and a Natural Lash Kit (aka fake eyelashes) for $2.  Yes!  You read that correctly- you can get a fake eyelash KIT for $2!  Fake eyelashes and the glue you need to put them on for only $2!  Some of you just tuned me out because you thought, “fake eye lashes?!  I’m out!  No thanks!  Never tried them.  Not my thing.”  If you are too nervous to try them, then no stress- jump ahead to the next paragraph!  But if you DO like falsies, then do what I do, which is use fingernail clippers to clip part of the lashes off, so they aren’t so wide across your eyes, then it gives you 2 pair of fake lashes and the glue for dos dólares!  Never worn falsies before?!  Now’s the time to try- they make you look and feel fabulous!  Dab a tiny bit of glue across the lash, and stick them as close to the base of your top lashes.  Let the glue dry a bit and tah-dah!  Also, I think it helps to do all of your make-up first…eye make-up, mascara, and eyeliner.  Then the falsies are just a finishing touch.  It also makes them last longer if you don’t put a lot of mascara on the fake lashes.


While the Elf eyelash kit is a super find, that is not even what I was planning to blog about.  I wanted to recommend a cool lip tint that is $6 and comes in Perfect Pink.  I think they named this perfectly because the lipstick appears like a very, very light shade of pink, but when you put it on it must interact with your natural lip color because BOOM I put this puppy on and suddenly looked like I got all fancy and slapped lipstick on today when really I just put on some lip balm.  I feel like putting lipstick on automatically makes you look like you are going somewhere special.  elf-lip-tintIn my opinion, every time you take a picture you should have lipstick on because the difference in your pictures from no lipstick to lipstick is life changing.  My Falcons cheerleading coach once said, “a picture can follow you forever,” so I’m real funny about taking a picture and making sure I like it before moving on.  Just ask my sisters-in-law; they experienced this last weekend when I made them take another picture because I wanted to change my pose.  Ladies- put your hand on your hip instead of leaving it down by your side…hand on hip gives your arm definition…arm by your side looks like you ate pizza for the last 10 meals.  Truth’s the truth.


Okay, so this Elf lip tint needs to magically hop in your cart next time you are at Target which is probably tomorrow because if you are like me then you feel like you are in a constant rotation between Target and Publix…can’t seem to go a week without visiting those stores!  I do have to warn you that for an Elf cosmetic, $6 is pretty pricey, and if I’m telling the truth I thought it was only $3 when I bought it.  I came home to look it up online because I liked it so much and saw that online posted it as $6 which shocked me!  I looked back at my receipt and realized I did pay $6…not $3, BUT totally worth it!  I read the reviews and most people feel the same way that I do.  One lady complained that the cap came off easily, but I think she wasn’t pressing the cap on as far as it can go.  It will click when it’s secure.  Okay.  Now you have a nice gift for a friend, and you have a nice gift for you…you’re going to look fabulous in your Christmas family photos because you’ll look all fancy pants with what looks like lipstick on, fake lashes and your arm will be on your hip.  Camera adds 10 pounds?!  Not with that hand on your hip!  It accents your waist and gives your arm definition…you’re welcome!

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  1. Now that’s some beneficial information for us ladies….thanks! Missing your sweet smiles in the halls of MCHS! Merry Christmas to you, Mike, & the boys!

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