Great (cheap) product alert!

I was sitting in class the other day, and one of my students busted out her Maybelline Baby Lips before the bell rang for her to go to her next class.  I asked her if she liked it- I’d seen it but never thought to try it- and she said she loved it!  Well, later that week I saw one of the Housewives on TV bust out her Baby Lips!  I was thinking, “what do other people know that I don’t?”  If there is some sort of amazing lip gloss, chap stick, lip balm-something on the market, and I don’t know about it then I want to find out.  Shoot- I love having a lipstick on standby so much that I keep one on my keyring.  KeyringI make lipstick koozies, so I can have one on the go all the time.  My friend Hayley Garner is obsessed with chapstick, so she loves my lipstick koozies too!  Anyway, on my next trip to Target I decided to check them out…check them out, I did!  They were on sale for $3.49!  WHAT?!  Only THREE DOLLARS?!  Yes, please!  I picked up the Pink Punch shade, and I am a happy camper!  Maybelline is onto something!  Baby soft Lips, a little hint of color, and it’s only THREE DOLLARS?!  I’m sold!  Notice how I totally did “woman’s pricing” on that, too?  $3.49 magically turned into only $3!  I may have also bought  a Baby Lips lip gloss (also only $3.49), and it’s good too (good color, not sticky, stays on for a decent amount) but my only complaint is it doesn’t have an amazing flavor.  It’s not terrible; I don’t need to be licking vanilla beans or peppermint all day, but some kind of decent taste wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Okay, that’s my PSA for the day- go get you some Maybelline Baby Lips, and you will be a happy girl!

Keyring- baby lips And I just realized that this is the 2nd Maybelline product I have endorsed…Maybelline want to sponsor me?!  Maybe at least for your mascara that I love and your Baby Lips lip balm?!  Just a suggestion!


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