I worked out! (then ate potato chips)

I worked out!  I did it!  I used to work out…all…the…time!  These days?!  Not.  So.  Much.  Working out is a roller coaster for a lot of women, so I know there are other gals out there that can relate.  I used to work out because I wanted to lose weight, then to make sure I was thin enough and tone enough to cheer for the Ga. Force and then the Atlanta Falcons.  Then I worked out to try to keep baby weight from coming on, then I worked out to get baby weight off.  Then I got sick in 2012, and I lost so much weight that the last thing I wanted (or needed) to do was lose weight, so I took a long pause from working out.  Then I healed, got pregnant again and worked out to prevent the baby weight from piling on (again).  This is where working out changed for me.  I was happily running 6 months into my pregnancy with Baker, but I started having some issues with my pregnancy and working out dropped in priority.  I hardly put much weight on with my 2nd pregnancy and by the time I left the hospital after delivery (and heart complications) I was only 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  (Don’t cuss me too much for this; I had a lot of un-fun things happen in this pregnancy, so I’m not sure you would want to trade situations.)  At this point, between the heart issues and the side effects from my Whipple surgery in 2012, I didn’t need to work out to lose weight, and I had to be careful on what I did to make sure my heart stayed in check.  Working out (for once in my life) was dropped on the To Do List.  I have recently been feeling that working out should get back in my weekly routine for a few reasons:  1- it’s good for my heart  2- it’s good for my boys to see exercise as a part of my life  3- it will keep me tone and fit.

I have been trying to figure out what I want to do to help kick my tail back in gear, and I am intrigued by dancing as cardio.  I have danced for years, so I know this isn’t a new concept.  I’m really interested in the Cize program, but not sure if I’m ready to pull the trigger on paying for it (please comment below if you have feedback on this DVD series).  Tonight I decided to go with an old faithful…Popsugar Fitness.  popsugar-fitnessIf you aren’t familiar with Popsugar, it’s awesome!  It’s a free app, and they have a ton of videos you can watch to get in a 10 minute, 20, 30 or 45 minute workout.  It’s separated by types of workouts, so it’s easy to do 1 workout or several workouts.  Tonight I went with a couple of the dance cardio videos, and it felt good to sweat a little!  When I finished, I ate some potato chips (oops), but let’s not focus on that fact.  Let’s focus on the positive and the fact that I worked out.

Maybe the fact that I had doctors appointments today triggered my “live healthy” (minus the potato chips) desires.  My lab work went well today, so I’m starting my next round of chemo on Saturday.  Maybe I can get back into a workout groove which can help me feel better during these chemo rounds.  Working out is only going to help me in the long run.  It is very nice to work out because I want to instead of because I have to.  I think God is throwing me a bone right now and not making me worry about my weight (gaining or losing) as a prize for this cancer crap.  I will take it, God; I actually appreciate it!

And if I’m working out again, then I can justify buying new workout gear from Lululemon…woman’s logic!!

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