Mascara that you need…assuming you wear mascara.

I want Rodan + Fields Lash Boost.  Every time I see a post (which is a lot because I think every other one of my friends sells R+F) of the Lash Boost, I’m jealous!  I am a sucker for great lashes, and God did not bless me with to-die-for lashes.  I have lashes, so I’m grateful for that; but I want amazing lashes!  I just can’t swallow spending hundreds on stuff to make my lashes grow…it doesn’t seem financially responsible when I’m a part time high school math teacher.  I mean, if I were still cheering, then I could use it as tax write off…I’m not sure my tax guy would be able to justify Lash Boost as a tax write off for a math teacher.  Darn it!  And the lash growth doesn’t last forever either, so that is another thing that makes it impractical.  Now, make sure you understand me- I think the product is GREAT!  The proof is in the pudding.  Ladies that use this magic antidote get fabulously longer lashes, and I’m jealous!  I just can’t wrap my brain around 1- how it works, 2- does it have any possible long term side effects (cause if there is 1 odd side effect that 1 in a million people get then my weirdo body would probably get it), or 3- do I really want to devote $150 every 2 months to my lashes?!  AND I’m sure I’d love the product which means I would want to order it every 2 months (which does bring the cost down to $130-something), but now I’m dropping a ton of money on lashes…which I don’t think is the best choice.  Okay, so what’s a girl to do?

I found an amazing mascara, thanks to my fab sister-in-law, Jen!  It’s MAC Haute and Naughty in Too Black.  Not gonna lie, I get a little giggly when I ask for this product…”I’ll have the mascara Haute and Naughty, please.”  I mean, I wish I were more mature and could handle a product with this title without giggling, but the truth is that I’m just not.  I’ve accepted this.  It’s part of my charm that I think dirty mind references are hilarious.  MAC mascara- Hot and Naughty (2)Okay, so this is a 2-step mascara…there are 2 wands.  The outer wand you use first to help separate the lashes.  Then you use the inner brush to add volume and length.  If you really want to go intense then put mascara on top and bottom lashes and go all the way from the inside to the outside.  Sometimes we leave off the lashes closest to our nose, because they are shorter and sometimes lighter…it you want more of an impact, then don’t forget those.  This mascara is $23, so it’s certainly more expensive than the Maybelline tube from Target; it’s a better option than $150, though.  Now, if you want to really amp up your lashes, then the MAC counter gal is going to ask if you want to add the MAC False Lashes Maximizer, which is a primer for your mascara.  Your answer to her is, “YES!”  If you want to have impressive lashes and look fabulous, then yes, you want this mascara primer.  MAC mascara- primerThe primer is $18, and you put it on before you put on your mascara.  The primer is white, so once you put this on you are committed to adding mascara over it unless you want to look like Powder P from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (how many people remember that musical reference?!  A little Ghetto Cowboy?!  The name’s Powder P, can I get a 12-gauge!  Outlaw every day, on the front page.”  Okay.  I’m done.  Flashback to high school (or maybe early college) is over).  Ladies, this combination is pretty amazing!  I think you’ll be happy with the results!  It’s not a complete nightmare to get off at night either.  I use some eye make up remover before I wash my face, and it all comes off.

Alright, happy shopping and getting dolled up.  What if you did Lash Boost AND this mascara combo?!  Holy goodness!  I bet that would be swoon-worthy!

MAC mascara- Ashley

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