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Okay, ladies…men, you will not care anything about this post, so see ya later!  I need a break from depressing medical talk, so let’s talk makeup.  Ladies, I have found a new product that I am smitten with.  You can find this new brand at Target, and it is called Sleek MakeUP.  I found this brand because sometimes I will order a Target Beauty Box, which is another item you should be checking out sometime soon.  The Beauty Boxes are $7 online, and if you have your Target REDcard then you get free shipping and 5% off, so after taxes it arrives at your door a few days later for only $7.14.  The Beauty Box has a variety of items from shampoo, face masks, lipsticks, mascaras, etc.  Some items are full size but most are travel size.  It’s a great way to try some of the more expensive brands in order to see if you might want to make the investment in the full-size product.  Plus, it comes in a cute little box, and it comes with a coupon for $3-$5 off your next beauty purchase, so you can save money on the products you have discovered.

In a recent Beauty Box there was a travel size eyeshadow palette by Sleek MakeUP.  I do not like eyeshadow palettes.  They are such a waste to me because it never fails that I only like 1 or 2 colors, use them up and then I’m stuck with 6 other colors staring at me that are barely used.  OR they have a highlighter color that is awesome and you use all the time, and then a dark smoky color that you only need a tiny amount of, so you use them at different rates.  Annoying!  Wasteful!  This is a major reason why I am a MAC eyeshadow girl…I can buy individual colors every time and not waste any of my money.  Ladies, Sleek MakeUP is making me change my tune and eat my words.  This palette they sent has 12 colors and every single one of them is absolutely beautiful and useful!  I’m not joking!  The palette is called “When the Sun Goes Down,” and I am in love!  Here’s another selling point- the pigment in these shadows are so rich!  They show up so well on your eyelid and stay put all day long.  There have been multiple days that I wore my new eyeshadow and throughout the day I would catch myself thinking, “hey hey!  My eye makeup is on point today!”  That is always a fun feeling!  It is much better than looking in the mirror and saying, “hey hey!  I look real tired today!”

As if you need any more of a reason to run out and buy this item, here is another one…the full-size palette has 12 eyeshadows and it only costs $11.99!  Whatttttt?!?! $12, people!  That is $1/eyeshadow!  That is insane!  One individual MAC eyeshadow costs $17!  This is a deal, ladies!  I’m telling you that every color is beautiful and VERY useable!  There are multiple highlighting type colors, some with more iridescence than others, and it also has several colors for smoky looks.  The colors work great for day or night, and I cannot recommend this product more.  It’s $12, so you don’t have a ton of risk here.  There are other palettes available too, but “When the Sun Goes Down” is definitely the more conservative of the sets.

One small problem…I haven’t found the item on the shelf yet.  It is listed in stock at my Flowery Branch Target (you can check availability through their app), but every time I went it was not on the shelves.  I finally asked, and I was told they have it in the store it’s just not on display yet.  If you want it, then they can get one from the back and sell it to you.  Otherwise, keep checking back until Sleek MakeUP shows up on the shelves.  Okay, go shopping!  Come on, it’s not like you aren’t going to be in Target in the next few days anyways.  Even if you don’t feel like you are great at eye makeup, pick up a couple of e.l.f. brushes (because they are inexpensive but still decent), buy this palette and practice a little.  It won’t be a huge investment, but you can potentially start looking like, “Oh hey!  You look great!” vs. “Oh hey.  You look tired.”  We ALL know that when someone says, “You look tired” it’s code for you look like crap.  We can all start to look better…one Sleek MakeUP eyeshadow palette at a time.  Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “New Product Alert!”

  1. Hi Ashley, Have you tried ordering the item on line for pick up at the store? I did this at Christmas for a few items and it worked great. They sent me an email when my order was ready . If they have it in the store anyway this might be one way to get them to fill your order without waiting for it to appear on the shelf. May be worth a try. You should be compensated by the company for such a good endorsement of their products. LOL

  2. You sold me! I’m going on the hunt for it. Now…will you give eyeshadow lessons and not leave me on my own! Lord knows I’m tired of looking tired!

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