Back to the doctor…will it ever end?!

Hallelujah!  Holy good gracious, I got some good news at the electrophysiologist!  Many do not know that since I delivered my 2nd son, Baker, 19 months ago I’ve had a lot of heart problems.  The day I delivered him I was put on a heart monitor and then they kicked me out of the maternity ward and sent me to cardiac.  I got to come back the next afternoon, but when my PVCs turned into V-tach I was lovingly kicked out of maternity again and sent back to cardiac.  Baker got released from the hospital before I did, and so my relationship began with my cardiologist and electrophysiologist.  They monitored me and treated me very moderately because I nursed Baker for the first year of his life. Only 6 months after his delivery, they required me to have a heart ablation surgery to stop the PVCs (premature ventricular contractions).  I had to do several 24 hour Holter heart monitors over the past 19 months, and had to wear another one last week.  They are a pain because 5 wires are taped down all over my chest and connected to a machine that is strapped to a fanny pack around your waist.  You can’t get wet, so no showering while wearing this lovely fashion statement.  Sure, I’ve rocked a fanny pack before, but when I do I prefer not to have multiple wires hanging out of it…it lessens the cool factor.  I’ve gotten better at being able to hide the heart monitor (and fanny pack) when I wear it, but you worry that people think you have a bomb strapped to you when you walk into the grocery store with it on.  My doctors were a little concerned because even after the heart ablation in May 2015, I was continuing to throw thousands of PVCs within a day; if it didn’t improve then I was due for another heart ablation.  It’s not that the first ablation didn’t work, but I started firing PVCs from a different location than the first time.  Ugh.  Of course I did.  Why in the world would my body ever do something normal and easy?!  They were (again) trying to be moderate in my care because now I’m not nursing…but dealing with chemo.  Ummm….can I go back to the nursing days?  Waaaaay better than the chemo days, thank you very much!

Okay, so last week I had an echo done, and I did a 24 hour heart monitor.  The results are in…(please no more PVCs….please no more heart monitors…please no more heart ablations!)…I’m doing well!  My heart has improved!  I now have a normal ejection fraction (whatever that means), and I’m throwing very few PVCs (that seems important), and I don’t have to keep seeing my electrophysiologist!  My dr. is a nice guy and all, but I would prefer to cross some of my doctors and medical issues off of my list.  This news is just what I needed!  I am counting my blessings, and thankful I have 1 less thing to worry about!  Bye Bye for now to the 4th floor doctor’s office in Gainesville!  Electrophysiologist 4th floorBye Felicia!

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