4th of July is upon us!

Independence Day really is an amazing holiday full of cooking out, enjoying the summer, being with friends and family, and of course celebrating this amazing country we call, ‘Merica!  I have never lived anywhere else, so I am confident I don’t appreciate how truly amazing our country is compared to other countries, but I do love me some U-S-A!  I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the summer Olympics approaching or if it’s all the medical crap that’s been going on, but this year I feel especially patriotic.  We got to participate in my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s neighborhood firework festivities on Saturday, and tomorrow the kids are riding their red, white and blue decorated big wheels in our neighborhood kid parade.  We also plan to hit up the Braselton parade and firework display in the evening.  Watching all of the Olympic Trials has made me get spirited and excited to watch these amazing athletes.  Can you imagine the pressure these athletes feel?!  I mean, if you don’t make the cut it’s not like you can say, “Damn.  I’ll just try again next year.”  No!  You have to wait an entire 4 years!  And if you’re a female gymnast, then you better hope you don’t age out in those 4 years because if you are a 20 year old trying to go to the Olympics, you are considered a geriatric!  It’s amazing to me the talent and dedication these athletes put towards their sport.  I mean, Michael Phelps is going to his 5th Olympics this August!  5 OLYMPICS!  That is insane!  Even if you don’t follow a sport regularly, watching these athletes just makes me want to shout, “U-S-A!”  Mike and I have already gotten our matching family Team USA shirts and hats.  Cheesy?  Perhaps.  Do I care?  Nope!  Team USA all day.  We watched a guy run the 10,000m race in less than 28 minutes.  That’s 6.2 miles (a 10K) averaging 4.5 min/mile.  What?!  That’s insane!  The guy (Galen Rupp) apparently runs about 20 miles/day and averages 145 miles/week!  What?!  That’s crazy!  I’d be the struggle bus trying to run 2 miles right now!  The best thing I’m doing in the world of running these days is finding cute running clothes.

The USA spirit is flowing because I’m feeling good, the Olympics are around the corner, family is in town to celebrate the 4th, and overall life is good.  I’m not looking forward to having to do lab work on Wednesday because that means that I start my 5th chemo round on Saturday…BUT today I will enjoy my break from drugs and today I will get mine and my kids’ red, white and blue attire ready for tomorrow.  Happy 4th everyone!  Land of the free because of the brave!  American Flag at home

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