Busy Busy Bee!

Does anyone remember that hilarious commercial for FedEx?  (yes, millennials, there used to be something called commercials and we were all forced to watch them unless you recorded the show on your VCR and then fast forwarded through the VHS tape.) The guy tried to always look super busy and stressed and would shout, “Busy Busy Bee!” when someone peeked in his office?  Such a funny commercial!  So that’s how I have felt this week, and it’s made me tired.  I started chemo round 6 yesterday, and I’ve been pooped.  Honestly, I think I would be tired regardless of chemo meds.  This past week was back to work.  It’s always an intense week because I have pre-planning, mandatory cheerleading practice begins, rec camp cheerleading, getting my classroom setup, etc.  Juggling childcare is another complicated conundrum that just adds to the mix.  It’s almost a bit easier when school starts because I have the same schedule each week…same childcare…same practice times, etc.  Oh! Oh!  AND the Olympics started!  U-S-A all the way- I want to watch it all!

So tomorrow is back to work, and I’m looking forward to meeting my kids while saying a small prayer that they will be a fun group like my kids last year.  When I tell people I teach Precalculus, which is a senior course, most people groan and wonder how I do it.  I know every job takes a special personality, but I really love teaching seniors and getting to make that connection with them during such a fun and exciting time in their lives.  I love hearing all about their college decisions, and now some are sending me pics of their new dorm rooms and apartments and texting me about Rush starting.  Ahhh….how fun would it be to go back to college where you thought you were “soooooo busy” but in reality you were only in class for 16 hours a week, staying out late at the bars, sleeping in and having daily lunch dates with your girlfriends?  Sign.  Me.  Up.

As the summer closes, it will be adios to the pool,getting lunch out, random play dates with the kids.  Instead the school year starting means earlier mornings, grading papers (eww!  gross!), regular cheer practices (OMG- we’re so good this year and practices are so fun!), cooking dinner (ugh- not my favorite chore), and spending time at the football field watching MC play and my kids run and enjoy every second of it.  Notice, I did not mention anything about chemo ending or starting according to the season.  I have started my 6th round; I feel pretty decent, and I go back to Tampa the end of this month to find out what’s next.  If I had to guess, I think the doctors will say something like this, “your tumors are still stabilized, and you seem to be tolerating the meds well, so let’s keep going for at least 6 more months.”  I could be wrong, but that’s what I think is coming.  4 months ago I would have cried at this news because I was thinking I would do chemo for 3 months and then possibly do radiation.  The idea of doing chemo for a year or more was devastating!  Now, it seems more manageable.  Look, I’ve got stuff to do, and I choose to be positive about all of this.  Everyone has their crap they have to deal with and this is mine.  I got this…”can’t nobody hold me down, I got to keep on moving’!”  (Name that song.)

With good health in mind, I’m trying to get back tino running.  It’s hard though.  It’s so HOT!  I am not dedicated enough to get my tail up at 6am to run before the heat really comes, but today I made my family run to the playground with me.  I was able to run a mile…at 3:15 in the afternoon! I won’t tell you how long it took me to run the total distance of 2.25 miles, because THAT would be embarrassing!  When Nike Plus came over my portable speaker and announced my distance and time to the neighborhood, I was thankful that just my sweet family was there to witness the statistics.   This is quite pitiful, but I’m going to take it as a win.  I gotta start somewhere, and I’m ready to dust off the running kicks and hit the pavement.  When I went to the doctor on Wednesday to get my blood checked (note:  all is fine, but my bilirubin is a bit high which is not shocking because of the location of one of my tumors) and my heart rate was 72.  72!  That’s amazing for me!  For the past 1.5 years it’s been in the low 40s, so 72 was like a normal person!  Maybe that’s why running is able to happen for me again- my heart is beating somewhat normally now.  One problem down, one to go!

Alright, so this week is going to be interesting with back to school, but instead of focusing on being back at work and dealing with a chemo round, I’m going to focus on what cute outfits I can wear to start the year off!  I gotta dress well- kids need to know this mom has not thrown in the towel on her looks!

[Answer:  Sean “Puffy” Combs featuring Mase “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”]

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