Champagne taste on a Target budget

I want my hair to look like I pay a stylist daily, but I’m on a Target budget (this is an upgrade from the Wal-Mart budget).  Look good.  Feel good.  It’s a simple concept, but it can be hard.  We can all make excuses, but the truth is that if it is important, then we will make time for it and/or budget for it.  I’m here to help you narrow through the crap and tell you what’s good in the world of hair to save you time.  Now, I am not a hair stylist, and I do not have a cosmetology degree.  I don’t claim to be an expert.  What I am is a mom that has tried some products, figured out what I liked and I’m trying to pass along my info.  When I cheered for the Falcons we would pass beauty tips along to each other all the time, and I loved it and appreciated it.  Let someone else do the research, and pass along the news to me…sounds like a plan!

Its a Miracle

This It’s a 10 miracle oil plus keratin (“oil plus keratin” is key…there are other spray products that are good, but not necessarily blog worthy and don’t say this exact phrase on them) hair product will help make your hair look healthier and stronger in just one use.  I usually cannot just wear my hair straight without using a straightener or curling the ends or something to make the frizziness go away.  When I use this product (a few pumps and rub it into damp hair…and sometimes a little bit on the ends of dry hair), then I can magically dry my hair and go out the door!  When you are trying to get out the door, it is very possible that you don’t have time to curl or straighten your hair, but it would be nice to not look a complete mess.  This product is around $25 and can be found at Ulta or other specialty stores.  I’ve seen other products by It’s a 10 at Target and even (gasp!) Wal-Mart, but I haven’t seen this specific one.  The nice thing is that it will last you a long time, so if you find it, grab it!


Loreal Damage EraserAnother product that is great at making your hair feel healthy again is L’oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm.  Use this in the shower once a week and leave on for about 5 minutes.  You have to figure out a good time to use this product because if you are a mom, then you are more than likely having to take the fastest shower ever in order to make sure your kids don’t 1- interrupt your shower or 2- don’t destroy your house while you are hidden in your secret shower cave.  If you do get the chance to shower in peace and can allocate 5 minutes to leaving a balm on your hair, then I think you’ll be thankful for this product.  It helps your dead ends appear alive, and you look like you just got your hair did at the salon.  Plus it’s not a very expensive product (about $6- $7) that you can get at Walmart or Target.  Score!

Truth be told, when you fix your hair you look put together which makes you look better which makes you feel better.  It’s so easy to get stuck in a hair rut.  I may be in one now, actually, but I make the effort to do something with my hair to look more polished.  When you get the compliment, “your hair looks great today!” it feels good.  I don’t care who you are, it’s fun to get compliments.  Your confidence comes from the inside, but it sure doesn’t hurt to hear it on the outside.  I don’t want to become a “slump-dump mom.”  What I mean by that is a mom that lets herself go because she’s too busy running after her kids to care what she looks like anymore.  No.  I won’t have this.  You are important.  You matter, and your kids want you to feel good about yourself too.  We want our kids to have confidence, well it starts with you!  And a good first step is picking up some $6 Damage-Erasing Balm and slapping it on your wet head in the shower.  Enjoy an extra 5 minutes in the shower- it might make all the difference in your day.

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