I Want It All…

I’m not referencing Queen’s I Want It All, I am referencing the young, country artist Cam on her album Untamed.  This gal’s album is great from start to finish.  The song that connects to me personally is I Want It All because of the chorus…

I want it all

Don’t want no rocking-chair regrets

I got that fire that’s burning in my chest

Gonna keep on living ’til I hear the last call

And I, I, I want it all

Cam, you pretty little curly-head thing, I agree!  I am going to keep on living until I hear the last call too.  So far, round 3 of chemo is proving to be alright.  I’m dealing with a constant metallic taste, which is a big ole bucket of no fun, but in the grand scheme of chemo side effects….it could be a lot worse.  I’ve found that eating spicier foods or sour candies helps, but I don’t really want to create dental issues because I’m sucking on lemon drops nonstop.  Lord knows I have enough going on; let’s not add dental concerns to my list.  Speaking of other issues, I met with my cardiologist this week, and they are still concerned about my heart throwing too many PVCs (premature ventricular contractions….huh?…basically, too many premature heartbeats) within a day, so I’ve got to do another ultrasound and 24 hour heart monitor in June to see what plan of action we are going to take.  Apparently, my heart ablation last May was successful, but now I’m firing PVCs from different spots than I was before (of course I am, because heaven forbid I do anything normal or easy when it comes to my medical nonsense).  Another heart ablation may be in order (Lord help me- the first ablation was no bueno because I was AWAKE for the first 40 minutes!!!  Imagine being awake feeling a tube running through your hip to your heart and watching it happen on 10 TV screens over you while you’re strapped to a cold table with 40 stickers and leads attached to you…no thanks).  My cardiologist even said to me at my recent appointment, “you always seem in good spirits,” which made me laugh.  Good- fake it until I make it!  Haha!  I’m gonna keep on living ’til I hear the last call.

So cheers to almost being finished with day 5 of 14!  I get a lot of compliments from a variety of people that say how strong I am, but I truly think most moms would do exactly what I’m doing.  Life isn’t just about me- it’s about my whole family!  Although, my high school students may think life is all about them, but that’s a post for a different time.  We just keep on trucking until we hear the last call, because we want it all!

Seriously, if you like country, check out Cam’s album Untamed.  If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, then you can download her music for FREE because Amazon Primers get Amazon music too!  Tip of the day = you’re welcome!

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