I am a sweater.  Not as in a warm, snuggly soft clothing item, but I am a person that perspires…a lot!  I don’t glisten or sparkle, I full on sweat like a man.  There’s not a lot I can do about this, so I plan accordingly.  I came prepared this time to sweat my tail off in Disney.  I turned into…a Disney Mom.  No, I didn’t put my family in matching shirts with “Taube Disney vacation 2016” blasted on the front, but I did try to coordinate the boys…I mean, I do have an embroidery machine, so of course their initials were plastered on all of their shirts with a little Mickey ear stitched with them.  I tried to refrain from going totally nuts and making them look ridiculous.   I planned my attire so I could tackle Disney as comfortably as possible, so I invested in some Lululemon apparel that kept me cool, non stinky and dried out quickly.  The best were the tops that had the tank and sports bra built in as one because it was less pieces of clothing to deal with.  Thank goodness for Lulu because otherwise I would not have had an ounce of coolness on my body.  By the way, I didn’t learn until later, but there is a Lululemon OUTLET in Orlando!  Yes!  I know!  Best news ever, but unfortunately, I don’t know when I’ll be back to Orlando.  Ugh.  I might be willing to make a special trip.  Best.  Workout clothes.  Ever.


Hair:  If I were to wear my hair down, it would be a disaster in 2.5 minutes.  Between the heat and humidity, why would I even make an effort to curl it or wear it half back?  Add rain on top of the heat and humidity and my hair was going up…every day!  One problem though.  My head would burn if I wore it up the same way with the same part every day, so the best option was to wear it up but in different ways each day.  I did anything from a ponytail, a bun, a low ponytail, pigtail buns, french braids up the back…whatever to get my hair out of my face and off of my neck…random whispies included.

Splash Mtn- Mike Ash

Accessories:  This is where I really get the true label of “Disney Mom.”  I wore…wait for it…a fanny pack.  Yes.  I did it.  I have a fanny pack from Victoria’s Secret for running, so it’s very small and only has room for a phone, ID and my Maybelline Baby Lips, but no matter how I justify it, it is still a fanny pack.  But this thing was SO handy!  I might even be on board for bringing the ole fanny pack back.  Carrie Bradshaw busted out a Gucci fanny pack in a Sex in the City episode (favorite show of all times, by the way), so maybe we can get some designers to create some “cool” ones, pay some celebrities to wear them and BOOM- they’ll be cool again.  Shoot- I may try to make them cool again; not that I’m a celebrity and can influence people, but I may not care anyway!  Alright, in case you would like to also become a Disney Mom, I need to advise you on proper footwear.  I wore Sanuks for sandals, which I find very granola, but the yoga mat soles made me not care.  They were comfortable, dried quickly and let me walk around all day carrying bags and children and pushing strollers, so…to you, granola Sanuks, I say, “thank you!”


Race car familyI pranced around the Magic Kingdom in total momville with my pigtail buns, bra/tank combo, running shorts, fanny pack and Sanuks and rocked it!  Haha!  I had on my 55+ sunscreen because I’m not supposed to be in a ton of sun on my chemo meds (and because I’m 35 and have decided that avoiding skin cancer is cooler than having a tan), but I probably wiped away all of the sunscreen on my face from wiping so much sweat away.  The Magic Kingdom was just that though, magical.  It was fun to go on the kiddie rides with my kids and see what their favorites were.  Dumbo rideWe took a ton of pics (sorry Facebook and IG friends), and I’m confident it’s going to take me 20 hours to put together a photo book on Shutterfly to capture our entire trip.  When you see this photo book in the future, don’t judge when you see my fanny pack sneaking out.  I tried to hide it in most pics, but sometimes you just can’t hide style!  Haha!  Fischer would say, “Mommy!  Your fanny pack is showing!”  Haha!  I’d also like to give a special shout out to the mom that my sister-in-law overheard saying, “We are at Disney, and I want to see nothing but sunshine spilling out of your mouth!”  This is a great line that we laughed about all week, and she’s right- sunshine SHOULD be spilling out of your mouth for goodness sake.

Teacups- Mom Ash FischBuzz ride Mike Baker


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