God Bless…I feel good!

This is so tricky because you sure as heck don’t want to speak too soon; but I am through day 8 of 14 through round 4 of chemo, and I feel fine!    Seriously!  I don’t even have a metallic taste in my mouth…hopefully I don’t wake up tomorrow and have jinxed myself and feel like I’ve been sucking on a dollar worth of pennies…but I’m beyond grateful that I’m this far through my round and feel fine. Movie snuggles Last night we had movie night with our boys, and I got to snuggle them on the couch.  Tonight we had a family walk to the rock, and I’ve felt fine for all events.  Mike and boys at rock

Life has been busy.  Yes, I’m a teacher, so I must sit around and do nothing all summer and sleep in every day, right?  Listen, if you think this is what teachers do, then you are sadly mistaken.  I’m not complaining and shouting out that we have it rough- we don’t- but please do not think we sit around on our tails all summer and just bask in the sun every day by the pool.  We’ve got crap to do!  Today, for example, I was at a car wash all day with my cheerleaders…on a Saturday.  It was a fun day though.  If anyone knows me, then they know I love to coach my competitive cheerleaders.  I’ve had many people ask me since I’ve had this reoccurrence whether or not I’m going to continue to coach….uhhh, YES!  Absolutely!  It would take a LOT for me to quit coaching (clearly).  I love it!  I feel it is my calling.  I love that I get to be a part of their high school career and help shape them into independent adults.  AND it is a wonderfully amazing distraction that allows me to think of something other than stupid, life-interrupting cancer.

So for those of you wondering how I am doing and wether or not your prayers are working- they are, and I say thank you!  Thank you so much for getting me through this- it means more than you know.  I’ve also run into several people that have told me they have been reading my blog, which is really fun to hear.  Writing a blog is weird.  You put this out there and then wonder who reads it…if anyone!  Regardless, it is therapeutic for me.  Thanks for walking on this journey with me.  God has a reason for everything, and I hope I understand the reason I’m going through this one day.  Keeping the faith, and remaining positive…it’s the way to go!  It’s working- I feel good!

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  1. Yay! I have one loyal fan! I’m not surprised- you’re always supportive of your kiddos…even your in-law kiddos! Thanks for all the love- can’t wait to see you!

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