Facing the Day…in hot pink!

Today was one of those days when you wake up and think, “Holy cow- how am I going to make it through the entire day?!” Tired. Fatigued. When you’re taking crazy meds that tend to make you exhausted, then you have to take it one thing at a time. Get dressed. Treat yourself to Starbucks. Get to work. Get through cheerleading fittings. Mom will be to the rescue after school to help with the kids. Shoot- sometimes even the idea of “getting dressed” is too overwhelming, so you break it down into smaller incriments…put clothes on, dry your hair, put on make up, etc. Look, you do what you gotta do to get through the day. (I tell myself that a lot).

So since today was a bit of a “struggle bus” of a morning, I decided to try to give myself some strength through wardrobe. I grabbed my neon pink Gap khakis and my elephant necklace. You can’t miss me coming in neon pink pants, and the elephant usually represents a symbol of strength…and not to mention, Roll Tide!

Today, I was tired and did not win any Teacher of the Year awards, but I was there at school, none the less. I have to believe that my students would rather me be there than not, even if I’m not winning any teaching awards. The reality is that I don’t feel great, but I know I could feel much worse. I also know that I have help. Mike was able to keep the boys after school, and then Mom came to help me with them while Mike was covering the LAX game.

So, the next time that you are feeling like you are riding in the front seat of the struggle bus, slap on something bright and energetic to help give you some inner strength. Put on a little bling, so you have something sparkly near your face and face the day head on. We got this! Just fake it until you make it, right?!

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