Mascara Smudges!

Mascara = daily requirement. I do not have a degree in cosmetology, but I’m pretty confident that any beauty expert would recommend a quick slap of mascara before you go out the door. It seriuosly makes the difference between looking tired and looking polished. You can even do a cheap (inexpensive is a nicer word) mascara, so really, you have no excuses.

BUT…and this is a huge but…it is SO annoying when you’ve got your makeup on, and you’re putting on your mascara and then you smudge it on your darn eyelid! If you try to wipe it off it doesn’t come off all the way because it’s black! Black is hard to erase! What do you do?! You do this amazing trick…put some concealer on a Qtip, dab it onto the mascara smudge, then use the other end of the Qtip to wipe the concealer away. This removes the black, covers the black and doesn’t wipe off your eye shadow…genius!


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