For the Love!

For the love, don’t forget to get your wife/mother something for Mother’s Day!  I am here to help!  I have a sweet, inexpensive gift that you could order on Amazon (and have here in 2 days…what did we ever do before you, Amazone Prime?!) and check something important off of your list.  Get the mother in your life the book, For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.  It is a book about how to get through life with grace, and Jen offers advice in a humorous way that is focused around Christianity.

I am not particularly “churchy,” but I do believe in being kind to others and treating others how you want to be treated.  I am typically not the first to pick up a book on Christianity, but this book was recommended to me; it is well worth the read!  It gives mothers a break- lets us off of the hook from trying to be the best at everything.  It’s hard being a GREAT mom in today’s standards.  We are supposed to be good at parenting, working, Pinteresting, working out, looking fab, being on top of the latest and greatest child-everything, being a wife that doesn’t forget about her husband.  It’s HARD, people!  Finding a balance is hard!  Oh- and now I’m telling you to read a book…because you have TONS of spare time!  I will say this book is easy to read, has short chapters (if I ever pick up a book that has long chapters it goes right back on the shelf to collect dust), and you will find yourself laughing, relating and appreciating the passes you can give yourself in life.  She even mentions how much she doesn’t like Calliou, which my bestie, Jiffy, and I find hilarious considering we can’t stand Calliou’s whiny voice!

Even if you don’t need a Mother’s Day gift, this is just a good friend gift!  Or a good Book Club book that you could actually read…and drink wine at the meetings!  I don’t think you’ll regret this one.  Now, I’m not totally sure on my blog audience, so if you’re 18 and headed to college, ignore this post.  This book would bore you to tears at this point in your life, but think of this in another 10 years then get back to me.


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