Just for Laughs

I am not a huge selfie fan.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t take the occasional selfie here or there, but I find it sad that people have to take selfies and post them and wait for people to “like” them or comment on how great they look.  Let’s be honest, they probably took 20 selfies before they decided on the one they approve of AND slapped the most flattering filter to make their duck face look on point.  Please!  Who has time to take 20 pictures, edit, crop, etc and wait on social media for someone to decide their self worth?!  I say, let’s have confidence in who we are and not let how many “likes” or “comments” we get decide our self worth.  Is this a crazy idea?  I feel like I was raised to be proud of who I am and treat others how you want to be treated.

So, just for fun because we all need a good laugh, send a funny selfie to someone today.  The rules are you should take it in one shot…no redos.  You’re already staring at the camera, so you can see how funny it’s going to be.  Just click and go with it!  Send it to a friend, or a group of friends and tell them to all send one back.  My sorority sisters and I do this when we need a chuckle and we try to send the most hideous selfie ever.  Ugliest or funniest selfie wins!  You will be in hysterics!  I have some pretty friends, and I’m amazed at how they can ugly themselves up so quickly!  I am NOT suggesting you post your ugly selfies on social media.  Who wants an ugly picture like that to haunt you forever?!  When I cheered for the Falcons, our coach (the talented Chato Waters…now Chato Hendrix) told us, “a picture can follow you forever.”  AKA when you’re showing up for a game, promo, appearance, etc, look the part- have your hair and makeup done and be fit.  We were in the limelight (by choice), so we tried out best to take good pictures because those pictures may not go away.  For example, this picture has popped up quite a bit for me, and it’s beautiful of Jessica….maybe not so much of me though.  Can I help it, no?  Does it kinda make me laugh when I see it?  Yes!  Ashley and Jessica- AFC 2007  Chato honestly may have been lying to us though because when I was writing this blog and went to pull up this picture it took me a LOT longer to find it than I thought it would.  (Kinda embarrassing how long it took, actually.)  So I guess it is still following me, but not very closely.  Apparently the 2007 cheerleaders are old news…go figure.

So, today send a friend a funny selfie; I bet it will make you and your friend laugh.  I’m not suggesting you blast it all over social media (you may want a job one day), but to a close friend would be funny.  I guess you could do this on the “Snap Chat.”  Although, I still don’t understand this app even though at least 20 high school students have tried to explain it to me.  Why do I want people to see me in every message that I send?  Why do I want to exchange faces with someone and put on a dog, pig or fairy face?  Why do I want my message to disappear after a minute unless it’s in my story?  I don’t know…I’m confused.  I’ll just stick to the “Facebook” and the “Instagram” world.  Hmm…revelation…unless your pig, dog, fairy pic is your funny selfie, THEN I might get it!  Although those pics are less funny and more creepy in my opinion.  I hope you have a great laugh today!  Life’s too short to not laugh it up; plus it’s good for your tummy muscles which is always a bonus!

Side note:  Did you know there is something called a “relfie?”  It’s a relationship selfie.  What the heck is that?!

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