Round 5, already?

Why does it seem like my 2 weeks off is shorter than my 2 weeks on?  I’m sure this is how life goes.  “Time flies when you’re having fun,” and I can tell you taking meds for 2 weeks ain’t a bucket of fun!  Thank the Lord (and Baby Jesus…shout out to Ricky Bobby) that each round has gotten easier to handle, so I’m hopeful that Round 5 will prove no different.

We had a great weekend with friends in town from Chicago, which was a nice distraction.  Today I was a dummy and forgot to eat a solid breakfast, so low blood sugar kicked in, I start sweating, Mike gets worried, then Mike gets annoyed because all of this could have been avoided, I shove a ridiculous amount of food in my mouth (hmm…wonder why I can’t get my Disney pounds off?!), and wait for the blood sugar to rise in order to feel normal again.  I know that I need to eat a decent breakfast in order for this not to happen, so why did I let it?  Who knows?  I got distracted, too busy chatting with our overnight guests, feeding 2 boys breakfast.  Who knows?!  Tomorrow (and the next day(s)) it will be a priority to eat a solid breakfast.

Before our guests arrived on Friday, I took the boys with me to run a few last minute errands, and one of them was a quick pop into Nordstrom Rack.  The Rack is where I typically find the boys tennis shoes, me an occasional pair of shoes, but today I was eager to check out their handbags.  I’ve been wanting a cross body bag that was large enough to hold my wallet, but small enough to throw on when I don’t need diapers and snacks.  I’ve been eyeing some websites, some consignment sites, but finally I caved and went to the Rack.  I found a lovely Kate Spade royal blue leather cross body that was just what I wanted/needed…who are we kidding?!  Total woman’s logic that I “needed” it, but I can come up with any justification to make a purchase viable.  Any who, after Fischer and Baker were very patient and well behaved watching me ponder which is the perfect purse (I could have probably purchased 4 bags, but THAT would be ridiculous), I let Fischer go find the Toy section.  On the way, I am stopped by a modal fabric top that practically hopped onto my stroller.  It’s black and cream (neuroendocrine cancer awareness colors) with stripes on it (Show Your Stripes) and it said, “surround yourself with positive people,” (me! me! me!)  I mean, I almost didn’t care what this shirt cost, it was going to come home with me…okay, maybe not any price, but I was pleased that it was under $30.  You’ll be seeing me sport this shirt in the future…already wore it Saturday….probably going to wear it tomorrow too.  Seriously- there is so much truth to this shirt.  I don’t see shirts that say, “Negative Nancy rocks!” or “Be Pissy- People Like It!”

Okay, so yes, round 5 has started, and yes, I’m wearing a new shirt that probably needs washing, but the nice thing about dealing with stupid medical nonsense is that not one person is going to criticize me about what I’m wearing…not to my face, at least.  Not 1!  (By the way, Fischer would tell me at this point that I shouldn’t say “stupid,” so for him I should replace “stupid” with “ridiculous.”)  Cheers everyone!  I hope you find a top (or cross body bag) that hops in your cart this week!  New stuff makes everyone feel better!

Positive People tee

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