Making an Effort

So my chemo treatment is in pill form (no port, no infusion, and no losing my hair), so I consider myself VERY fortunate from that aspect. I take meds for 14 days, then I get 14 days off. I’m currently on my 2nd round of chemo, and to be honest it has been better this round. I still have a constant, awful metallic taste in my mouth, but I haven’t felt nauseous this time. The way the treatment plan works is I take 1 med for 14 days…2 pills after breakfast and 2 pills after dinner. Then on days 10- 14 I also take a 2nd med. This one I take 3 before bed, but because it triggers the vomit signal in your brain you have to also take a Zofran 1 hour before you take the med, so you won’t want to puke. Fun, right? If you kept a pill count, that is a running total of 8 pills in a day…plus my heart med, but good Lawd we don’t have time to get into all my heart issues! Another time, another day!

I started the 2nd med last night and woke up this am…so…so…tired. I felt like it was an Act of Congress to get dressed. This is what brings me to the concept of “making an effort.” If I look good, then I feel better. So, what do you wear when it’s exhausting to shower? You throw on a cute dress that looks like you tried, but really all you had to do was slip it on over your head, throw on a jean jacket (because a I probably wear a jean jacket at least once a week), some cute earrings, and suddenly you look like you feel great. Yes, I take the time to even curl my hair…again…look good…feel good. That’s the plan. Fake it until you make it!

The dress I wore today is by Blu Pepper, and I bought it at Image Boutique…in case anyone is looking for “said” dress. You can find it on Search for Blu Pepper navy and coral geometric shift dress.


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