Real Housewives of Feeling “Normal”

Round 2 of chemo is better than round 1. If this becomes a pattern, then I will be a happy girl. I’ve also heard that every round can be very different…so, having said that, we’re just going to be thankful that I only have the metallic taste in my mouth, and I don’t feel like vomiting all over my shoes.

Speaking of shoes…I got to go to a Gala (very fancy sounding, I know) with my husband this past weekend and got to wear some very fun Chinese Laundry shoes that I borrowed from my sister-in-law. I also had a killer dress (that I also borrowed from said sister-in-law…if you don’t have a trendy SIL then I recommend you try and get one- very helpful!), and I knocked it out of the park with celebrity-esque hair and make up. Jeez- if I had known I would get so much attention from getting dolled up, then I would have done it a whole lot sooner! Makes me want to go to another fun event and dress up all over again!

Then it leads me to my next question…thought…wonder. If you are a Real Housewives fan like me (I like all of them; I do not discriminate a city), then you know that Yolanda Hadid has been fighting Lyme disease and who knows what else. She can’t seem to pinpoint all of her medical issues…she just knows she feels awful and keeps trying to do anything and everything to be healthy again. Some of the women get confused by what she posts on social media…she’s sick…she’s happy and on a boat…she’s sick…she’s happy and out to lunch…and the pattern continues. I understand the confusion, but I also understand that when you are ill but have a moment of feeling great you want to capitolize on it and try to make it last forever! I wouldn’t want someone to see my pic on FB or IG and judge me. Honestly, at work someone tells me once a day that I look good with eyes that seem to expect me to not look good. I think since I’m battling cancer that people assume I will look rough. Sometimes I feel rough, but I also put a lot of effort into looking good/decent. I don’t want to look sick. I don’t want to feel sick. If I look like a slob, then that sure as heck isn’t going to make me feel better.

2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Feeling “Normal””

  1. I hear you! The housewives and the way the drama built around Yolanda’s autoimmune disease just broke my heart. And you know, if you don’t have on a cast or something people can see on the outside, they don’t understand. Ashley, you’ve always been voted “hottest teacher” at MC and I don’t think you will ever lose that title ????

  2. Whoop! Whoop! Thanks girl, but I think that title may be handed off to someone else these days, which is totally fine.

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