VOLUME! Gettin’ some lift

Need volume in your hair? Okay, if your hair is like mine, then it needs the perfect combination so it won’t be flat and stuck to my head like I just stepped out of the house in the dead of the humid summer in July in Georgia. I’m not complaining, because let’s be honest, I’m in the middle of chemo and I’m not going to lose my hair (thank God for that blessing)! My hair grows slow as you know what, so the idea of losing my hair would mean that I would have short hair for at least 20 years. BUT if that ever becomes my fate, then you better believe I will rock that style to my full ability. Okay, so favorite hair product for volume is…Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme. Amazing!

I’m pretty sure you can get this for a better price, but who doesn’t love Amazon and their Prime shipping?

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