Thyroid condition?? “not yet!”

I have decided that when nurses and doctors go down their laundry list of questions on what possible issues I may have, I’m going to respond with “not yet.”  Thyroid condition?  Not yet!  Diabetes?  Not yet!  High blood pressure?  Not yet!  I now feel like it’s just a matter of time before something else crosses my medical path.  I don’t mean that with an Eeyore perspective, instead I’m pumping myself up for whatever comes next.  Ultimately, I want to come out a winner, so might as well get mentally prepared for my next fight.  I got this.  Shoot!  I can’t believe what I’ve faced and what I’ve come out of.  I’m getting a lot of people singing my praises and telling me I’m superwoman, bionic woman, so strong, etc.  Here’s the truth…I am only strong because of 2 things:  1- I have an amazing army of support and 2- We choose happy.  None of this would be possible without all the outpour of love and support that we receive, and above all we want to be happy.  Mike said, “I stopped asking why a long time ago.”  What’s the point of asking why, right?!  There is a purpose, and we have a beautiful life; let’s focus on that.  If someone had told me that I’d have to fight cancer (twice) and go into cardiac arrest by the age of 35, I’d be like, “WHAT?!?!” But you know what…this is the card I was dealt; we have 2 adorable boys and an amazing marriage and a fabulous community full of the best family and friends.  Ultimately, we choose happy.  Try it sometime…it’s great!

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  1. Always choose the happy side! The only good thing about cancer is you make every day count! You do that exceptionally well!

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