Painting a {perfect} picture…

We want to be good at everything!  We all post pictures on social media that show just how great life is.  Seriously- no one posts pics where they feature their muffin tops, weird smiles (not the funny ones, but the awkward ones), kids melting down and the house looking a complete toddler tornado disaster.  {NOTE:  The pic I posted with this post is a loving collage of all pictures I pulled from my “Delete” folder.} We get to pick and choose what we want to feature on our social media accounts, but sometimes it creates this sense of “gotta keep up with the Jones” and can give us a complex of mom guilt.  Ohh…such and such’s toddler is swimming…my kid can’t swim yet…ahhh…I’m failing at motherhood!  Ohh…such and such  is ripped…she must be doing CrossFit…I only did a 25 minute elliptical workout (or nothing and ate ice cream on the couch instead…probably more probable)…I’m failing at keeping up with myself!  Ohh…such and such just had a date night with their husband…they had an actual date night…like with no kids…I’m failing at being a good wife and making time for my husband!

Well I say, “Pi-shaw!”  (Who says that?!…it’s not my typical vocabulary, but I think it’s fitting right now.)  Your kid is swimming? “Yay for you and your kid!”  I’m jealous because I’m still lugging a life vest to the pool and watching my kid like a hawk.  You are turning into a fitness guru?  “Good for you!  Way to be healthy and find time for yourself!”  I’m excited you’ve found something that works in your busy schedule that is something that is all about you and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.  You and your husband got to have a date? “Amazeballs! Enjoy!”  I’m excited y’all got to take a time out from being parents and just get to date again- it’s important that you like each other!

It’s hard to balance everything and do a good job and not let a ball drop.  Sure- I can be KILLING it in the parent department, and job department, and then sucking it up in the wife department…or more appropriate in my household, I’d be sucking it up in the cook and clean department.  My point is, be thankful for where you are and what is going on now.  Live in the moment and don’t tear yourself up if you are earning an F in a department in your life.  Maybe make an effort to turn your F into a C (C stands for “Closer to not sucking”).  Do a little self evaluation and decide what’s important and what could use a little more effort.  What if we also did something crazy (holy cow- this could be an insane suggestion) and asked our friends who are posting these grand achievements (actually showering and turning into a real person is a grand achievement some days) and ask them how they achieve these things and try to learn from our friends?!  I know.  I know.  Ridiculous.  Asking someone for help and showing you can’t do it all is absurd.  What if we tried to be comfortable in our own skin and applaud others and their greatness?!  No, no, no; that’s crazy talk.  Life is hard.  Being good at life is even harder.  Can we give ourselves a break?  Let’s stop wishing life phases away and just enjoy the moment.  Easier said than done, but it’s worth a try, right?

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