Cleaning for a Reason- Spread the Word!

A friend of mine at work shared with me about this neat organization that is called Cleaning for a Reason.  They hook chemo patients up with a cleaning service for FREE for 4 services over 4 months. Isn’t that amazing?!  It was a very easy process, so if you know of anyone that is going through chemo therapy and could benefit from having a house cleaning (who wouldn’t), then please pass along the website

Thanks to Trisha for this fun magnet!  Thanks to Trisha for this fun magnet!

We happily have our first scheduled cleaning for tomorrow, so what are we doing today?  Cleaning.  Isn’t that hilarious?!  We’re cleaning, so they can come in and clean for us tomorrow.  I’m not the only one who does this.  I’ve talked to others and they do the exact same thing.  I probably shouldn’t say that I’m “cleaning,” it’s more like tidying up and putting our crap away where it belongs.  Maybe now the sweet cleaning lady will be able to see our countertops so she can actually clean them.  My husband is the cleaner in our house, but I’m usually better about putting things away; truth be told, I’ve been slipping though.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m dealing with cancer…blah blah blah…it’s true, I have a lot going on, but it would be unfair for me to blame it on that.  I just don’t like cleaning, and lately I haven’t liked tidying up either.  Why is it so hard to put away some junk mail, sort some papers or file away your kids’ latest classroom creation?  And don’t even get me started on coupons!!!

No excuse

I have GREAT intentions with coupons, and then I use them…all of never!  I have a whole drawer dedicated to coupons, and some of them probably have expiration dates from 2011.  Sad.  True.  Why do I not just see the coupon and throw it away?  Or why can I not come up with a good coupon system that works?!  I’m not an extreme couponer, and I don’t think I ever will be.  I have no desire to plan hours for a shopping trip to get 100 deodorants for 1 cent when I don’t even like that deodorant.  Surely I can come up with a system to use coupons that actually work for me; I mean, Kroger sends me coupons that specifically apply to me and what I usually buy…and Publix will accept them too!  I have no excuse.  We are both teachers too…we could use to save some money…why oh why is the couponing so hard for me?!  This is where my friends (or strangers) that read this give me suggestions on how to tackle this coupon issue.


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  1. We used cleaning for a reason when my mom was going through chemo too! They were soooo nice and super helpful, it was def nice to have help around the house since chemo is so exhausting

  2. They came today and were so professional and did a great job! What a nice treat to come home to a clean home…that my 2 boys are now destroying with toys everywhere! haha! At least it was clean for a few hours!

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