Save It For a Rainy Day

Save It For a Rainy Day

I’m a country fan, which has not occurred until my adult years.  In high school, you certainly wouldn’t have caught me listening to country because I was too busy listening from anything to BSpears to Kilo!  Now that I am an adult, I appreciate the story of country, and in particular I appreciate Kenny Chesney’s “Save it for a rainy day.”  I am not known for mastering lyrics…my friend Kari Corbin and I have laughed many days over my lyric interpretation of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.”  I thought Madonna sang, “Laugh-o-quasie” (because THAT makes sense) when she really sang “Let the choir sing.”  I’d also LOVE to be able to tell you that I only thought this when I was a young girl, but embarrassingly enough I was well into my twenties when I made the correct vocal discovery.  Embarrassing?!  Yes.  Mortifying?  No.  I have other embarrassing stories about poop soup and splitting skirts that could take the cake on mortifying moments.

Any who, Kenny Chesney’s song is clearly referring to a break up with a girl, but when I hear it I think of this stupid tumor inside me.  “If they ask about you, I’ve got nothing to say.  I’ll save it for a rainy day.” This is how I feel about my tumor when I’m feeling good, and it’s a beautiful day!  Truth be told, this song has had me singing along and bringing a few tears to my eyes because I just don’t want to give cancer and this stupid tumor the time of day.  Yes, I have to give it some attention, but on a day like today when the sun is shining and I’m on my 2 week chemo break, then cancer is getting pushed to the side.

So, all of that being said, how do I feel today?  Tired.  Not sick, but just fatigued which is natural.  I just came off of meds less than 72 hours ago, so that is all understandable.  And news flash…we’re ALL tired!  But on these days off from chemo, I’m going to take Kenny’s words (I’m going to pretend he and I are on a first name basis) and say, “I’m gonna take this heart break and tuck it away, and save it for a rainy day.”

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