Moving at a Snails Pace

One of those couch-chillin' days

Yahoo!  I am finished with Round 2 of my chemo treatment, but holy cow am I exhausted today!  I feel like I’m moving at a snails pace or like a sloth.  This is all expected since I took my last bit of meds last night before I went to bed, and the meds seem to compile each other and build up.  This makes the day after each round my drowsiest day, which is all expected, but it doesn’t make it fun.  Mike has a busy day working the track meet, and we had to cancel going to a birthday party (sorry Leigh-Ann).  My parents are coming up to help me take the boys to Fischer’s soccer practice, but I am trying to figure out how to take care of them and myself until 3pm when my parents arrive.  This is a crappy feeling.  Not only do I feel like Sid the Sloth, but I am also struggling to take care of my sweet boys.  Thank goodness for the Wild Kratts (Fischer’s favorite TV show) and for a portal block table that can be moved upstairs.  And thanks to our sweet sitter Ms. Jan for getting Baker on a 11:30am nap time schedule, so I can sit down and allow myself to be lazy for now.  The laundry is piling up, but guess what- it can wait and will be there later.  Shoot, if we have to pick clothes out of a basket instead of our closets or drawers, then that is fine by me.  I would even go to the store and buy an extra laundry basket (or two) just to allow myself to ignore laundry a little longer.  I don’t think my boys are ever going to say, “Hey Mom!  I am so glad you folded my laundry instead of sat on the couch and snuggled me.”  Just saying.  I also decided to include a pic of Fischer and Baker snuggled on the couch instead of my sloth self today- you’re welcome!

2 thoughts on “Moving at a Snails Pace”

  1. Girl, I will drive anytime to do your laundry and help out if your by yourself. I would love to if you ever need me dont hesitate to message me.

    1. You’re awesome! Someone else texted me too saying they would help me too! I really appreciate it, but it’s hard for me to ask others to do things I should and can do…it doesn’t feel normal, and normal is comfort. Thank goodness my hubby understands and isn’t upset by having laundry in baskets everywhere! = )

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