For the Right Reasons

I finished another book!  For the people that can read a book in a day, this is not a big accomplishment that it’s May and I’ve finished a book.  For me, it’s huge that it’s May and I’ve finished TWO books!  I don’t have a ton of time to read, and when I do get a quiet moment to myself I usually want to flip on a Real Housewives episode or another episode of Southern Charm!  I had 2 books brought to me recently though, and they have both been great, so I’m going to try to continue this crazy trend that others call…reading…and open up a few more books this year.  If I were a faster reader or had better reading comprehension then I would probably be more inclined to read.  I can bust out some numbers for you, but if I go to read something I have to be laser focused in order to not have to read it 10 times to understand what I read.  God blessed me with an ability to understand numbers, but I must have been in line to get a different quality when he was handing out reading comprehension skills.

The book I just finished is called For the Right Reasons, and it’s by Sean Lowe who was on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.  This is NOT a book that I would typically read.  I do enjoy a good Bachelor season, but I certainly don’t read books about them.  I’m not a crazy fan!  This book was given to me, and I’m so glad it was.  It was basically about his journey through his Christian faith and his experiences through the shows that brought him to his wife, Catherine.  He’s actually the only bachelor from the show who has followed through and actually married the girl that he proposed to.  Crazy, right?  Millions of people watch this show and the success rate is low, low, low in terms of happily ever after.  Sean seemed to be a “good guy” on the show though, and this book highlights his good qualities but also his mistakes in life along the way.  If you’re not into the Jesus angle of the book, then you’ll be interested in the behind the scenes info on how the shows are produced.  He talks about how months later they were editing and needed some voiceover type stuff, so he had to record different lines on his iPhone and to get the best quality of sound he had to hide in his closet to record them.  It’s funny how he had to go back several months later and record how he was feeling at the time it aired.

It’s a quick read, short chapters (one of my requirements for a book), and it’s a feel good story of how he got where he is today.  If you’re a part of #BachelorNation, then I’d highly recommend the book.

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