Slicin’ a Melon…literally!

Okay, so I am not a natural in the kitchen.  In college, I messed up Easy Mac in our sorority house kitchen.  Sad, but true.  I was very upfront with Mike when we were dating and told him that I didn’t cook or clean.  I have willingly improved in the kitchen, but stick happily being terrible at cleaning.  My boys like watermelon (usually…I’m not sure why some weeks they love it and then a switch flips and they won’t touch it, but that may be a kid thing), but watermelons are so big and juicy and hard to cut.

Haha!  I have a way to help!  1st cut it in half, then cut the the halves in half.  2nd, cut vertical slices.  3rd, run your knife around the rind and the perfect triangle slices will fall out and be rind free.Watermelon slicedIn my house, the boys do not like crust, rinds, burnt spots, etc.  Yes, some moms are rolling their eyes now and thinking, “MY children will take what they get and are GREAT eaters, and I never have to do such high maintenance things for my angel children.”  Well, NEWS FLASH- I pick my battles, and if my boys are eating watermelon, then I will cut the rinds off and sing Hallelujah!  I’d also like to point out that I realize this isn’t the greatest accomplishment or tip that you have ever witnessed, but there are some small things that help the kitchen-impaired, such as myself.

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